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Are you looking for a user-friendly, easy to configure ERP solution to boost your business efficiently? Do you want an enhanced human resource management system with a remarkable ERP solution? Are you planning to escalate your business growth with captivating ERP applications? If any of your answers are yes, then your search ends here. InWebInfo is the one-stop destination for all your ERP solution needs. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how our ERP solutions can help you out.

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A quality ERP solution partner will offer you solutions that are the most suitable for your company. When you partner with us for all your ERP solution needs, we ensure you get a tailor-made solution. We provide you specialized services including –

Strategy and innovation consultation

Operation of the total solution including application management

Requirements analysis and implementation

Improvement of your business processes

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Apart from providing eduERP solutions to educational institutions, we also offer enterprise management solutions that go beyond traditional ERP. It does not matter whether you are a restaurant owner or an organization, with the ERP solutions, you can save on investment in IT hardware installation and maintenance. So, expand your business with an outstanding, highly customizable, and affordable ERP solution, integrated with different add-on modules. Get in touch with us today!

EduERP Solution to make your educational institute smarter!

Technology has enormously revolutionized our lives. The technical development has also spread its wings to the education sector with the effectual solutions specially designed for colleges, institutes, and schools. At InWebInfo, we offer eduERP solution to support educational institutions and help them maintain a manual and tedious paperwork. Our eduERP solution is highly beneficial for


Ellucian provides ERP solutions specifically tailored for higher education institutions. Their solutions include student information systems, finance management, and analytics tools.


PowerSchool offers a comprehensive ERP system for K-12 schools, including features like student information management, attendance tracking, and teacher gradebooks.

Campus Management:

Campus Management provides ERP solutions for higher education institutions, covering admissions, financial aid, student services, and alumni management.

FACTS Education Solutions:

FACTS provides ERP solutions for K-12 schools and dioceses. Their offerings include student information systems, enrollment management, and tuition management.


While primarily known as a learning management system (LMS), Moodle can be extended with various plugins to provide some ERP functionality, including student information management.

Infinite Campus:

Infinite Campus offers an integrated student information system for K-12 districts, including features for grading, scheduling, and communication.

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