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Hire Top Best Dedicated Angular Developers in India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand on a full-time, hourly, or fixed cost project basis


Hire Dedicated Angular Developers in India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand on a full-time, hourly, or fixed cost project basis and manage them as your extended team.

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We offer our clients Angular development services including

Angular App Development

Talk to us if you want to get top-notch solutions with Angular. Our developers are adept at creating applications that offers high-end UX standards. We use “Backend as a Service” applications such as Firebase that eliminates the need of having a custom backend. This helps in cost reduction and enhanced maintenance. Our Angular team also reuses codes and components to ensure the faster development of your application.

Real-time Apps

Contact us if you want to create real-time apps like Chat Apps and Instant Messengers with AngularFire or Socket. Our certified Angular developers can integrate your chat app with NodeJS. To automate tasks, we use Grunt that helps in performing repetitive tasks like compilation, minification, unit testing, and linting. We use the most suitable plugin from the Grunt ecosystem to fast-track and step up the development process.

Angular Consulting

Our seasoned Angular professionals and consultants can help you with organizing your Angular project structure, using TypeScripts, using Angular CLI for code generation, creating a component tree, creating directives, creating a suite of unit tests, adding NgRx for managing the state using Redux pattern, managing environment-specific settings and implementing other Angular best practices.

API Development

We offer scalable and advanced enterprise-based Angular API development services, according to your specific business needs. Get in touch with our Angular team to get custom API solutions that cover integration, publishing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance of APIs. We’re experts at developing robust API architectures and top-notch security protocols like custom key encryptions for your complex apps.

Migration Services

Do you need to migrate your UI to Angular? Contact our developers who’re proficient at coming up with awesome migration strategies that simplify the entire process. Our developers can also upgrade Angular apps to a more advanced version. We are skilled at migrating route by route, when dealing with a large application and taking up the best migration approaches to prevent data loss and security issues.

Dedicated Angular Developers

Hiring dedicated Angular developers remotely can help your business scale faster and get the reliable capacity to always deliver on time. You can hire dedicated Angular developers 40h/week at a fixed monthly rate that corresponds to their level of experience.

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Hourly Developer

$15 /hour
  • We'll provide a fully signed NDA for your project confidentiality.

Part-Time Developer

  • Buy Blocks of Hours and Use them as you wish. Ideal for small tasks like a one-off landing page or banner design.

Full-Time Developer

  • 8 Hrs/Day - 160 Hrs Per Month. Monthly Rolling Contract. 25% Savings over Fixed Price Projects.

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